Welcome to Safer Spaces

We are a group of design industry professionals, looking forward to making the spaces we design and use safer by working together to support organizations devoted to curbing gun violence in America.

What we believe:

We’re so proud to be part of a community that creates beautiful, thoughtful, functional and often inspiring spaces. We believe that together with you, we can also help make those spaces safer. So, we’ve created Safer Spaces, an organization for design professionals, brands, manufacturers, vendors, media, design centers, industry groups, showrooms and retailers, to stand together to help create meaningful change.


To leverage the collective voice, influence and assets of the design community across America to support and amplify the actions of leading gun safety advocacy groups.


To provide a set of clear, actionable steps for those in our community who wish to help create safer spaces.


To ourselves, our families, our colleagues, friends and neighbors, a promise that we are standing for safer spaces right now and for future generations.

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How to Get Involved

Why we’re doing this.

The U.S. Gun Homicide rate is 25 times that of other high-income countries.

Source: Preventive Medicine, 2019

86% of Americans support an assault weapons ban.

Source: The Hill

97% of Americans support requiring a background check for all firearm sales.

Source: Gifford’s Courage

A majority of U.S. teens fear a shooting may happen at their school.

Source: Pew Research Study

Safer homes, safer schools, safer parks, safer theaters, safer stores, safer streets, safer places of worship. SAFER SPACES.

Our pledge.

Safer Spaces Committee

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Patrick Hamilton

Andrew Joseph

Tyler Hamilton Larmee

Wendy Landau

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