There are organizations that are successfully changing what is possible for gun safety in America. Some provide services to survivors and families of victims. Others work on awareness and gun safety legislation: They exist to be a voice for the 95% of Americans who believe the time for change has long since come. Your participation, social media share or donation or auction purchase at a Safer Spaces Design event can help support them in achieving the results we all seek. Our Feb 14 events will support the work and vision of:

Moms Demand Action

Chapters in Every State

A grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. Moms Demand Action works to pass stronger gun laws and to close the loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families. They also work in communities and with business leaders to encourage a culture of responsible gun ownership. Their pledge: “We know that gun violence is preventable, and we’re committed to doing what it takes to keep families safe.”


Gays Against Guns

“When they take lives, we take to the street.”

Gays Against Guns NY is an inclusive, direct-action group of LGBTQ people and their allies committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industry’s chain of death—investors, manufacturers, the NRA and politicians who block safer gun laws. They work with other GAG chapters to ensure safety for all, particularly vulnerable communities such as people of color, women, people who struggle with mental health issues, LGBTQ people and religious minorities. GAG condemns white supremacy, instances of excessive force by police, and police militarization.


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